Goth City 7: To Live and Die in LS

A musical and cultural celebration of Yorkshire gothic, all for charity.

13th - 16th July 2023

Leeds, U.K.




Goth City Promotions are delighted to announce the latest goth festival on the Yorkshire coast - two nights of live music from the ancient east Yorkshire port of Ravenspurgh!

Ravenspurgh (also 'Ravenspurn') on the Humberside coast appears in William Shakespeare's plays Richard II, Henry IV, Part 1, and Henry VI, Part 3, under the spelling "Ravenspurgh". Two medieval English kings landed at Ravenspurn: Henry IV in 1399, on his way to dethrone Richard II, and Edward IV in 1471, on his way back from exile in the Netherlands, where he was resisted by the local lord, Sir Martin de la See. (For more information see here). So as you can see, it has impeccable gothic credentials!

The only problem is - due to coastal erosion, Ravenspurgh is currently situated at the bottom of the North Sea. So, for obvious logistical reasons, it will take place online with a live premiere on YouTube.

The event is free to watch, but we will be raising money for the RNLI throughout the event.


Festival event playlist:

RNLI fundraiser: